Tue 29 Jul 2008 22:14

We’re on the way!


The day we have all been anticipating has finally arrived.  Today we held a press and family day which was well attended.  Brigadier Hargreaves arrived just before lunch and along with the press and family members was shown the ins and outs of our home for the next three or so weeks. 



I think some people were somewhat surprised by the somewhat confined quarters.  After a pleasant lunch at the Hornet Sailing Club it was down to the yacht for final preparations and time to slip berth.  Departure wasn’t quite as smooth as we’d hoped as midway through slipping the forward drive failed. Fortunately, it was only a minor technical glitch which was soon rectified and so our journey begins.


We are operating a 3-watch system – White, Red and Blue.  Blue watch are first on Mother watch and so are responsible for tonight’s dinner (which smells pretty good).  White and Red watch are taking care of the sailing with White watch taking first shift since leaving Portsmouth.  I am on White watch (below) with my watch leader Andy and my fellow crew, Linda and Greg. After we had completed the hard work of hoisting the main sail and foresail, I was pleased to be given the chance to take the first helm after the Skipper had guided us safely out of the harbour.



Many of the crew have been taking the anti-sea sickness tablets.  Sadly for a few of us, this magic cure has not been completely successful.  I certainly felt a little queasy sitting typing up this blog (but a bit of fresh air and the meal seems to have helped somewhat). Others are also feeling the effects to a greater or lesser degree, but spirits remain high and we are all starting to settle in to our routines.


Some of the crew have taken on some personal challenges.  Windy, the Mate, has elected to give up smoking, as has Allan.  Andy has given up his moustache! (Sorry about the blurry pics, these are action shots!)




Overall, the trip has started well.  May the winds continue to be fair.


Byrne G