Another fine day. for Blue Watch

Thu 7 Aug 2008 23:34

The unexpectedly calm seas and light waves have given us the opportunity to experience again things that we had previously taken for granted. Such as for the lads being able to have a wee standing up (editor note: this practise must cease immediately - hurrumph!) and generally for the crew to be able to walk upright around the yacht and deck without having to constantly reach out and grab the nearest support. It also gave us the opportunity today to do an ‘It’s a knockout’ competition. This consisted of the following events: a strongman hold event where we had to hold out horizontal 2 x 3 litre bottles of juice for as long as possible; a nautical quiz; a pain event where the object was to clip as many clothes pegs to watch member’s faces in as short a time as possible, and a final event which consisted of an assault course around the boat and knot challenge. Unfortunately in this instance Blue Watch had victory cruelly pulled from their grasps and had to settle for Bronze (OK, third out of three). To make up for this disappointment Blue Watch registered an exped first. Eagle-eyed Pete, as usual looking for jobs and possible faults on the yacht, noticed that the Starboard side pennant rope had disappeared (possibly as a result of Helm Wench’s underwear hanging on this line earlier, which may have resulted in the lanyard being stolen!). Thus it was left to Neil as the lightest member of the watch to go up the mast and attach a new line, becoming the first crew member so far to do so this expedition. Having done so and surveying his handiwork his accomplishment was slightly dimmed when he noticed how little of the mast he had actually gone up. However he assured everyone that it looked much higher from up there.  He can now boast with the best of them ‘there I was in mid-Atlantic, up the mast, hanging on by my teeth…..’

For Terry, some boat stats as at 03:30am 07Aug 08 (GMT).

Visibility: 98

Sea State: 2

Pressure: 1018 steady

Course Planned: 320deg

Compass Course: 340deg

Wind direction: South East

Magnetic Variation: 22 degrees West

True Wind Speed: 13 knots

Distance run in last hour: 5knots

Sea Temp 12.6

Sail set: Main, No1 and staysail.


We are thinking of running a top 10 Most Useful Things On Board.  We all agree that number 1 is blue roll.  Used for mopping up spills (often by Peter), drying anything, napkins, cleaning, and the occasional surreptitious hankie.  You cannot have too much on board (hopefully there will be enough remaining for the next leg!).


Wildlife today consisted of the usual Storm Kestrels, a flock of Sea Gulls attracted by the off-cuts as Windy de-boning the lamb, and two pods of Whales.  The first pod was feeding by circling blowing bubbles to confuse their prey, but they disappeared quickly as we approached.  There was another bird seen, but unidentified.


It seems strange dreams is infecting the crew.  Peter reported dreaming that he was on deck, and as the boat rolled in reality, he dreamed that he was launched over the side.  He was instantly awake desperately clutching for a handhold, but at least he did not scream like a girl.


At time of writing -0310 local we are trundling along under sail and managing around five knots. We have had a look at the chart and reckon that we are around 2 days give or take from the first marker point from Greenland. After that it is on for a little bit more before we hit North and track up the coast 450 miles to our destination. We are making good progress and are looking forward to getting some sights of the fjords. Fog and ice are going to be the main dangers the further north we head and may slow us down considerably but we will just need to wait and see how it goes. Highlights of today are as has been said previously the team challenge which he were cruelly robbed on. Alan managed to give a good account of himself on the strongman challenge and was beaten by around 20 seconds on it, so close but not close enough on that. Neil also ended up going up the mast to rerig the pennant line.” It’s a wee bit higher than it looks……” We will take your word for it Neil. We will stick to the winching on that task thank you very much. Richard has also gleefully informed Alan that he had a tape of him snoring his head off whilst sleeping earlier on today. He hasn’t had any complaints from anyone yet though. They must be too polite to say!!!  Further updates to follow…..Back blogging soon!!!!       



Blue Watch – Anne, Peter, Neil, Allan