49,25.20N 5,2.39W

Tue 18 Mar 2008 19:33


Hello there, very strange experience this sailing malarkey.  I have just had my first five hours sleep.  We have been on board now for three days and it’s been an experience.  I myself have never sailed before so it’s a bit of a shock when you’re asked to drive the boat … “Fine”, I said.  Richard the skipper was trying to explain how to balance yourself when at the helm he says its like driving a car, “Fine”, I said “but I don’t drive”! Ahh … Sea sickness has been and gone hopefully; all in all so far so good.  As you probably know by now I’m the crewman who tried to feed the world with my three kilos of rice …  My watch consists of myself, Greg, Andy W, Andy M and not forgetting our figurehead Emma K and we are known as the Mighty White Watch.  Any way enough from myself, I’ve got duties to do, so long speak to u soon.


Gregory Surridge known as “Scratch”. (The one on the left...!)