Blue Watch reach from Weymouth to Portsmouth in up to 49 knots of breeze!

Fri 28 Mar 2008 20:27

50:37.54N 001:6.10W


The ‘Force’ was with the watch as we started the day with “Dangerous Dave” switching over to join us: sharing his skills learnt on Red watch – taking pictures and leaning out over the starboard quarter. Picture taking came in very useful with the rolling high seas which we battled to change sails, put in reefs and hold on the for’deck as the skipper gave us several thumbs-up for our impressive moves.  




Mike (below) was a star on the helm today, Pete kept us amused with moves on the for’deck and Watch Leader looked fab in sunnies (even if only for a brief period of the day). 




The only leaning over the starboard quarter was required for steely photos of the sea and the team in the backdrop J: expertly taken by our ‘papp’ phot - Byrne.


All that’s left to say is, hope you enjoy the phots, and look out for more impressive moves from Blue watch tomorrow... 





Red Watch