Promotion in the North Atlantic. (Ravns Banke - west of Greenland)

Tue 12 Aug 2008 00:09

Its been an awesome few days for White Watch, we have been sailing along quite nicely and have been enjoy the fresh North Atlantic air. 


 Earlier on in the week, Richard asked our watch leader (Rachel) to help him out with a little task that had to be kept top secret from the rest of the crew (the less people that knew the better).  After days of sneaking around the boat sourcing all the items needed they were all put together to produce the true work of art.  After being trusted with the secret to the point of bursting  she had to confide in one of her roomy bunk mates Ram and they both set about sneaking around the boat stitching, cutting and gluing with a lookout on the door like the great escape – not easy considering the boat is only 67 feet long!  On the 11th August 2008 the secret could finally be lifted.


Our watch was already manning the deck and at 0800 Richard called the rest of the guys and girls topside to the cockpit for a crew chat.  Thinking that everyone was in trouble Windy hung around downstairs in the galley keeping an eye on breakfast so that it didn't burn,


No one was quite sure what was going on.  With a few cheerful words from our skipper saying how well the trip has been going, he then moved on to talking about Windy, to his and everyone else's surprise.  He then went on to announce that Windy has been promoted to SSgt!!  Some of us were happy and surprised as most of us were starting to wonder if Windy got any greens (uniform), and whether he is actually in the Army!  Our secret of making his rank slide at sea went undetected.


            Windy and Richard                                                                 Windy with the Slide


After the presentation Windy was given the traditional 3 hours off so that he can catch up on his sleep, but he was hoping to have the whole day off to work out how much his pension will go up by.


From left to right Dave, Rachel, Ram and Khush. If you look carefully to my left you will see the Ice berg in the distance.


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