Week of sail training for Midnight Sun

Sat 29 Mar 2008 20:45




All the crew turned up on the Saturday 25th March for their week long training, and after a short briefing all the crew was split in to small teams and various tasks were handed out so that the yacht is ready for the week at sea.


With some previous sailing experience one will think they got the sea legs but it’s not the case, the first day went with out any drama but on the 2nd day the dinner was spaghetti bolognaise and smell of the mince and the rocking motion triggered me to hug the side of the yacht and feed the fishes.


I was put in the red watch, and the best watch of the two... ????  The watch got on well and the watch leader Daz (for some unknown reason I kept calling him Dave) was an excellent instructor and we all learned a lot in the short time. For the first time in my life I managed to drive the 67 foot yacht in day light and in night. Driving at night only using the bearing with out any other landmark to aim was difficult, but all the red watch enjoyed the star gazing.


The rest of the crew were secretly betting who will be taking more pictures between Byrne (hacker from Blue watch) and I, but looking at the amount of pictures taken they agreed that together we have taken enough so there was no winner and they all wanted a copy in a CD format.


Today 29th March Byrne and I were put on mother watch, our main job is to feed and water the crew topside who were working very hard, and constantly asking for snacks, tea and coffee. Neither Byrne nor I have cooked for 14 people, to make things even more challenging the yacht was pitching and heeling at 45 degree making all the pots and pans in the galley flying from left to right and so were we. Byrne is on the right of the picture and I am the one with Colgate grin. Hope to meet up with the crew in July and during the sail out to Greenland.




Ramesh Manickavasagan & Byrne Ghavalas