Wed 23 Jul 2008 22:05
Today was a gorgeous day in Gosport.  For those working to prepare Adventure outside, much sun cream was needed.  The red faces and arms are even redder. 
Talking of Redders (or Andy 3 for some of us), he had a blast today.  Andy was sorting through all the food that we have bought over the last week and categorising it and making an inventory in preparation for updating the menu plan.  Andy told me that he wants now to become a Slop Jockey and SQMS in that order.  I think he might have used some alternate and colourful language when no one was around!  What great fun it was for him when he had to call me at lunchtime to let me know the laptop had crashed.  I somehow doubt he appreciated me asking if he had saved his work!  Of well, we had to stifle our chuckles  But I did buy him a consolation premium prawn baguette ("to go") so he did not need to waste time stopping for lunch!  Some skippers are nice people; then there is me!  Ok fair cop.  Tomorrow I am going to help him!
And I must say a big thank you to Kev who spent 2 days with us.  And he really achieved a lot.  Kev did all the routine maintenance that was required and then some!  Today his helper was my son Ed.  Kev is a really great guy who was kind to Ed and will be a great Watchleader for Leg 2.  Oh - and thanks for finding the diesel leak and fixing it!  That has saved several people throwing up during leg 1 trying to find it in a sea way with the lovely smell of diesel in their nostrils and bile in their stomachs.
So we now have to clean the galley and start the loading!  Can't wait!