End of the Vomit Comet.

Sat 29 Mar 2008 21:00

Saturday, and I am slightly surprised that I have survived this long. Adventure is rocking back and forth as per normal, the wind is at around 25 knots and the sea remains choppy. The novelty for me is that I am sitting at the saloon table writing said

Blog, which prior to this would have been impossible due to the state of my stomach



At the last count, I had “chundered” 30 times, a number the Skipper insists that one has to keep count of, and clearly amuses the remainder of my watch (Blue) and ultimately the rest of the crew. Anyway, at this point, despite having pleaded with the Skipper & Windy on at least one occasion to be let off at Weymouth or put over the side, it appears I have survived.


To say the weather is awfully clement right now would be a lie, but for Blue Watch it is certainly fun. Lunch is just about finished and we will shortly head up on deck to resume our jiving, tacking and putting the storm sails up; bound to interesting… Peter and Dave are hoping for another dunking in the fore-pit, when the helm picks course through “big” waves, meanwhile Linda will continue to hang on resolutely to the sheet under her control. Byrne has gone (I am told) from being somewhat nervous to emitting little shrieks of pleasure whenever Windy announces its about to get a little sporty and all this time our Watchleader Anne keeps a firm eye and hand on our drills. And as for I as long as my SealSkinz socks continue to fight the rising tide in my boots and I remember Army left from right, then I think its going to be a bit of a giggle.


The mood throughout the crew is remarkably upbeat and it looks like the actual expedition to Greenland will be a unique, if novel experience for all of us. Of course this crew is the Leg 1 party and I am the exception being on Leg 2, which is a shame as I will miss this bizarre group of energetic lunatics, though no doubt my crew is equally bad.



Mike Curtis-Rouse