Another day out of the office!

Mon 25 Aug 2008 22:44

Hi there readers, Red Bay watch here and we have had a blast of a time in Greenland and the ocean so far!  We have had a busy 24 hours in the North Atlantic and are now clear of Greenland and are heading East – homeward bound, only 1473 miles to go!  We had a blast of a time in Greenland having the pleasure to meet the locals, see dolphins and whales and generally having good time!  The weather is good at the moment, the sun is out with clear skies.  Red Watch were formally known as the “A” Team however they would now prefer to be known as “Baywatch!”  The have their Watchleader Kev “The Hoff”, Emma the “Helm Honey” and Greg “the guy they rescued!”

Over the last 24 hours they have been busy with the spinnaker pole up and down, gybes and various sail changes all under the watchful eye of Windy.  Oh and we must mention that the smashed “Oceans 3” record, Kev helmed a fantastic 16.3 knots over the ground however the watch war still continues!  All on board are finally getting the hang of this down wind sailing lark although some seem to find random 30 degree wind shifts!  Baywatch also got to witness a beautiful sunrise, it would have been perfect we didn’t have 5 layers of clothes on and it had been 20 degrees warmer!

The crew are really bonding, very nice chaps and chapess’.  I’d like to take this opportunity a big shout out to Bedford troop hussars!!!  And I would also like to thank those people who made this all happen, a fantastic opportunity.

Kev – “I am driving a straight line”

Baywatch cooked up another cracking meal with Emma providing the crew with Roast Pork – with crackling!  And sautéed cabbage, sweet corn, onion and apple.  The Red Watch restaurant is thriving, lets see what Ginger “Student” watch will provide to rise to the challenge now that the gauntlet has been laid.  Hopefully no more pot noodles!

Now that Adventure is in a more stable weather system she is blasting along at a steady 9.5/10 knots, wind on our port quarter and a slight current pushing us north.  We have twin head sails up, No 2 yankee poled out, a loose luffed No 3 and a full main.  She is an absolute pleasure to sail powered up.

Daz would like to say hello to all fellow readers

Greg would like to say hi to Caz, if any one reads this who knows who I am on about tell her hi!

Sparky – Windy sends his regards.

Red Bay Watch