What a difference a day makes

Fri 1 Aug 2008 10:41

White watch have left the dreaded lurgi behind and have enjoyed a fabulous day. On our last watch sailing the yacht we were joined by a school of dolphins making it all worth while!!



Then we took over mother watch our first stint looking after the yacht and crew where we cooked our first meal, evening meal being a chilli con carne which was welcomed by the crew as the best meal so far. We spiced things up making chefs hats and taking on the role of five star waiters.


Your waiters for this evening were Reckless Rachael, Dangerous Dave, Manick Ram and Killer Khush.



After cleaning down the yacht we had an amazing sleep after two days of 4 hrs on 4 hrs off we all needed it, and when we woke up this morning we were in the Atlantic leaving Ireland behind and any sight of land for the next 10 days or so.


We enjoyed our first shower of the trip and hot water this morning, lush!! Although Rachel was surprised when she was lathered up having a shower when the crash bulk head door opened for all to see her in her birthday suite to Rachel’s somewhat embarrassment. Although Rachel’s of the opinion that it was sabotage by either the skip or Ram!!!


We now look forward to another two days of 4hrs on and 4hrs off looking out for whales and any other form of wildlife or even the odd ship!!   


Whilst this is a great experience we are still missing all our love ones back home and wish they could be enjoying it with us. lol White watch.


Rachel, Dave, Ram & Khush