Titanic Moments!

Thu 21 Aug 2008 21:46

“Life begins at 45 degrees” Matt 'Oz' Grieg 

Good evening sports fans and what a day of sport we've had today!

Our first report in early was that Red watch were engaged in an epic battle this morning at 0620hrs.  After putting the first reef in the main sail  (Daz said he would hove too to keep them dry however they still ended up soaked – interesting!), then immediately after the No 2 Yankee ripped, so it was down with that, dig out the spare and up with the hoist!

Other stories from the boat are that numerous icebergs have been spotted.  Well actually when I say spotted I really mean so close that everyone was on deck to have their photo taken with it.  Currently on deck we have our eye on three!

Kev, Emma and Greg on watch with Iceberg in the background 

A “Titanic” moment maybe?!?

Yellow watch are on and have sent in a breaking story of sighting dolphins as this is being written however it is unconfirmed and we will continue to monitor the situation!

The sea sickness looked set to return today with a few green faces around the boat (Mike, Josh and Stuart) however they have managed to keep their meals down so far and as this is written the wind has dropped and the sea has flattened, so hopefully they will be smiling for a little while longer.  It currently looks like it could be quite a pleasant evening on deck if a little cold.

The first whale sighting!!

Blue watch, or should I say “Oceans 3” are on mother and are on a mission to beat Emma and Windy's lasagne with tonight's meal.  Not only are they sending delicious smells around the boat with their cooking, they have made bread and butter pudding and baked their own bread.  Let this be a warning shot to the other watches, bring out the big guns,  in the baking contest!

Josh, Blue “Oceans 3” Watch