49;42.210N 002;59.656W

Wed 19 Mar 2008 09:12
Having now spent a few days on "Adventure", I am starting to understand a few of the ways and terms of the Sea. Firstly, after spending 24 hrs on Mother Watch I initially thought the term Mother Watch was after your 'Mum' but no; It is a 'Mother of a Watch'. Try cooking at 45 degrees for 14 people, let alone making a cuppa tea, whilst trying to take the thought of Sea Sickness out of your mind.
Being back on watch was a welcome alternative, or was it?......
During the night, we had to do a Head Sail change. Now, along side it was easy; this was a challenge. On watch we called in the help of two of the Mother watch. Greg and I moved to the Bow of the boat, one minute we were 15 feet in the air; the next our ankles were in the ocean. Greg and I were loving it, after all we did volunteer. Firstly the Yankee had to come down. Relatively easy in theory but it soon turned into a monster of a task, with the wind wanting to pull the sail over and waves coming over. Next we had to flake the sail into its bag. This went smoother than the first time I had done this. Finally, it had to go to the Forepeak. I went below and we dragged it in. Just as it was away, a 'Goffer came over, and entered the Forepeak, filling my back with cold sea water - Nice!  Then it was the turn of the No 1 Yankee, one sail in, one sail out. It was dragged out of the Forepeak and pulled along the boat. With half the sail in the bag and the other out, I started feeding Greg the hanks, one thought it could take me on, with one fowl swing it twatted me straight on the bridge of the nose. Ouch; I thought (or those that know me know I would not say that), better keep quiet otherwise they might make us wear White Helmets and Safety goggles. With everyone hauling in we eventually got it up.
On the brighter side, with the sun tipping over the horizon the day became light and we watch the sun rise for the start of a new day.
Now that's Sailing!
Eddie Allen