BLUE WATCH - The Stinkies list

Sat 2 Aug 2008 23:38

Blue watch have sadly been moving up the smelly ranks with all the other crew having showered. Fortunately our reputation for being stinkies was ended today when we all allowed  to get our first shower. Like pretty much everything else showering at sea bears little resemblance to showering on land. For starters I didn’t manage to stand up, rather with the boat on a tack I was crouched in a small ball just infront of the head (toilet). From there, in between being attacked by the head curtain, I managed to squirt myself all over with shower gel. Removing the tap, which doubles as a shower head, I then managed to dribble water over the various parts of my body. Then the difficult part - drying myself. Positioning my back on the hand rail to counteract the motion of the yacht I managed to give myself a good towelling. I emerged suitably refreshed and scented my reputation no longer earned. With mother watch  passing on from crew to crew, Red watch are now the ship stinkies until they get their showers tomorrow (weather and Skipper permission  permitting).  Neil


The wildlife we have seen so far includes Dolphins (twice so far), whales and birds.  We were too far way from the whales to tell which type, but could just see them as they were jumping.



Our constant companion – Storm Kestrel

Our routine revolves around mealtimes, and there is a competition to see who can produce the tastiest or most inventive.  Some notables include bacon butties, chilli, and ham.  Pot Noodle was the one exception to the high quality so far - don’t believe the hype.  Many compliments came to Blue watch for their vegetable and smoked sausage soup, but only now can the truth be told.  We made the soup by finding the vegetables in the worst condition, cutting off the bits actually gone squishy and serving it with a smile.  No complaints from the skipper, so it couldn’t have been that bad.  Peter.


Got a good night sleep and my first shower at sea last night being on mother watch and got round the trauma of cooking dinner with Anne in a cramped galley. Cooking dinner for 14 with a boat helmed over crashing waves and trying to get round a galley tested our patience to the limit. However we got there in the end with no complaints…. That we know of . We have been on the switch over form mother watch and will be on watch 8-12 tonight and 4-8 in the morning.


Getting better at helming the boat and no doubt will be going at it again tonight. More than 600 miles into the trip. Not long till half way. Done 5 days and another 10 to go then we will have arrived….subject to weather. Not managed to get murdered for my snoring yet or acquired any nicknames however there is a good few days to go yet. Linda is now known as the helm hogger or the wheel wench …. I do not think I will manage to top that but we will see. Catch up with you soon …….Captain Pugwash??????


Allan Macdonald 52 SQN 32 Sigs