Ready Steady Cook

Tue 12 Aug 2008 20:58

Red Watch has been on “Mother” for the last 24 hrs, and this time we were given some additional duties.  Firstly we had to take all of the remaining provisions out of the cupboards and produce an inventory of what we’ve got left to live on for the next week.  Having done so, we had to produce a menu, which of course at this stage doesn’t include any fresh rations; the result being a reasonably varied and inventive selection of dishes, which Café Rouge will be quite happy to serve.


One of the surpluses identified during the audit was the European Cornflake Mountain – all 26 kgs of it (ok maybe 12 kg), certainly enough to feed the Greenlanders for a week. We made Ready Steady Cook look like a walk in the park with the range of random ingredients on the table including 8 kg of porridge oats, 2 kg of onions and 3 pepperami sticks. Andy and Byrne proceeded to dispense with a small proportion of the cornflakes by making some very nice chocolate covered cornflake cakes (below).  If any of our blog readers have any other suggestions of how to use up the supply of cornflakes, please email us at the usual address.



At breakfast this morning we were expected to use some of the Pasteurized Whole Hen Egg Powder – AKA Handy Egg or more commonly referred to as powdered egg.  Somehow Linda managed to make something which both looked and tasted like scrambled eggs, cunningly disguised by the addition of some bacon grill, to the point that most of the “equivalent of 20 eggs” used actually got eaten.


This morning the fridge automatically opened during a tack and we released half the Atlantic Ocean onto the floor of the saloon as it had defrosted due to some minor electrical problems experienced yesterday.  Linda was overjoyed at the prospect of having yet another item to clean especially as she was holding up the shower queue at the time. 


We are back on Watch again and enjoying the sailing. 



We saw the sun fleetingly this morning – first time since the inter-watch games a week ago. Below, the watch (Andy was taking the shot) and Linda enjoying the sailing and sporting sunglasses.  We are making steady progress towards Manîtsoq our destination where we hope to arrive later tonight to refuel and clear Greenland Customs – that is unless our fellow Watches sail in circles as White Watch did again last night.  




Yours Red Watch (Andy, Byrne, Greg and Linda)