Mal de Mer

Tue 19 Aug 2008 10:18

“Imagination is our greatest Adventure” Anon


Good morning/afternoon/evening (dependant!)


This blog is coming live from the yacht currently stationed in Maniitsoq.  Well what an eventful 24 hours the crew and yacht have had!  It all started calmly enough with dinner and a chat when Windy heard an unusual noise (unbeknown to the rest of us) and went on deck to investigate.  Adventure had shifted ninety degrees and was now bound for some nearby rocks....the strong winds and change of tide had resulted in Adventure's anchor skidding across the rocks.  To add to the drama the outboard on our dingy decided to stop working.  With some generous help from the locals we re-located to a better location, re-anchored and attached a mooring line to a secure support shore side.  Josh and Daz then went out in the dingy to attach cylumes so that the mooring line could be seen in the dark hours.  We then maintained an anchor watch overnight to ensure we did  move again.

Josh and Daz in the broken dingy

We woke up this morning and all was well, albeit raining.  After breakfast we then set sail South for Maniitsoq where we are currently.  This was the first time for many to experience ocean sailing and rolling seas, and unfortunately did not sit too well with most of the crews stomachs!  Mike lasted all of approximately 200m until he sheepishly asked Windy if he could go and sit in the corner!  Soon to follow suit was Louise, Josh, Tom, Stuart, Greg, Andy, Paul!  And this set the scene for the period until we came alongside in Mannistoq.  The weather was some what undesirable with an incredibly cold SE wind and a driving rain.  However those of us that managed to keep our breakfast down (Windy, Daz, Emma, Oz and Kev) were smiling and glad to be back on the waves.  Eight hours later the “sickies” of the crew began to perk up as the boat had stopped moving!  Blue watch provided a delicious dinner of cheesy ravioli and mash, followed by pineapple surprise!

Paul on the helm with red watch

Tomorrow we have the final administrative points to complete, including a fresh food shop, collecting laundry and general boat maintenance.