49:46.774N 006:24.058W

Tue 18 Mar 2008 08:28
Cse 150 deg @ 6.7 kts
Wind ENE Force 7.
160 NM to Aldernay
A sporty night with the first real introduction for the crew to up-wind sailing.  Sea only moderate but probably does not seem like that to the novices!  During reefing another lifejacket was inflated by waves over the foredeck - making 3 so far.  We also had our first sail damage when one of the original Global Challenge sails (the old yellow ones) - the No2 Yankee tore.  MJ (Mate) was on at the time and knows the story.  Around the same time the port amidships top guard rail parted company with the yacht but has been retrieved.  There are a couple other things not fully functional on the yacht (SAT-C keyboard keeps rebooting, Lost Pilot Alarm goes off "morning, noon and night" as is normal ...(!)) all of which will be recorded in due course but the one that I have been unable to figure out is the AIS - the Automatic Identification Scheme or an issue with some lights below and the bicolour on he port side.  I know the AIS was working in January when Raymarine visited but it is not now - has anything changed in the meantime I wonder? 
And what a day for the menu to show sausage & beans for breakfast.  Many like the smell but most can not stomach the food.  Some are beginning to realise that a trip to Greenland in a Challenge 67 will be adventurous, challenging and fun - but not easy!  Time will tell if any choose to forfeit their deposit!
All is well aboard; we are well balanced but stemming the tide at present; once the winds backs as is predicted then we will make more easting. 
Richard Quinlan :-)