Happiness is a warm bucket of water!

Sun 24 Aug 2008 22:50

“Happiness is a warm bucket of water” Anon

Once again good evening sports fans, well what an interesting 24 hours we have had on the good ship Adventure. We have seen many records broken through the last few hours the main one has been the speed record currently held by “Oceans 3” standing at 15kts.  Red watch have tried but failed to surpass this.  Reports are coming in that Red watch aren't bothered about this and are now going for the most miles in the hour.

Blue “Oceans 3” Watch

Morale on ship is currently high although the watches have been put through their paces helming, a combination of high rolling seas and a brisk wind have made Adventure what is known in the business as “a handful”.

“Oceans 3” have been reported to now be fighting over who wants to drive as now each member of the team is skilled in the art!  This is in contrast to a few watches ago where their fearless leader had to actively encourage his fellow members Louise and Oz into driving. The work seems to have paid off for him as they are now both truly average on the helm downwind.  Will the magic work upwind?  A question that only time will answer.

Louise at the helm at sunset

In other events round the boat the bread baking is once again in full swing thanks again to “Oceans 3” member “Mr Hovis” Oz; today he made hot dog rolls for lunch!  (Is there any limit to this mans talent?)  Even on a full spin cycle this man has managed to provide not only his watch with bread but for the other watches as well. What a hero!  Oz the boat of Adventure salutes you!!

The progress towards warmer climes goes on above deck with sleek watch changes every four hours with little fuss and noise - all signs of a truly harmonious boat.  The only time there may possibly be a few choice words are when it comes to what genre of music to listen to on deck.

Emma has been selling the Corps photography competition and now everyone is determined to capture the best photo to be in with a chance of winning the adventurous training section.

Sunrise North Atlantic style.

So what does the future hold for the crew of Adventure?  Well that is a question that “Oceans 3” will endeavor to answer in the next 48hrs when we receive our next report from them.

For the time being this is “Oceans 3” live in the Northern Atlantic signing off, back to you Ron Burgundy in the studio.