A week at the Sunsail club in Vounaki Greece

Tue 11 Aug 2009 09:44
38:46.16N 20:52.62E
We sailed eXhilarance from Corfu (after saying goodbye to the Lucas family)  to the Sunsail club at Vounaki (near Paleros) in the Ionian islands of Greece. Unfortunately the gearbox failed (again!) so I nealry broadsided 10 Sunsail yachts - how embarassing that would have been - a flash X-yacht taking out a row of charter boats. But luckily just powered off at the last minute and avoided disaster. Then I thought the trip was over as last time the gearbox failed it took 3 weeks to fix in the UK. This time a great place in Levkas did it in 3 days! So we were back in business. So I went home for 24hours to then fly back out with the family and Simon (my brothers) family for a week in the Sunsail club and then a week of sailing afterwards.
The Sunsail club at Vounaki is well set uo for children with day and evening clubs and enough freedom in a controlled environment for the parents to manage a holiday too. There are pools, gym, tennis and lots of watersports. The boys swam every day, they all tried sailing (Jack got really into it and was sailing on its own by the end of the week). Simon and Clive managed to do some dingy sailing together and Susan and Christine did a day of instruction on a "ladies day". The four adults managed to escape a few times in Wacky (my fast dingy) to nearby towns and had the most enchanting lunch in a genuine off the tourist track Taverna (where the menu was full but the actual choices were "grill and Greek Salad", but we had lots of fun). Monty was a star on the waterskies and Simon and Christine did a pair waterski, Simon was showing off his wakeboarding (only because he knows he cannot compete with me on a mono ski!). Susan had a chance to relax by the adult pool and had some beauty treatments. Even Harry tried dingy sailing and reluctantly agreed is was "good". Finn enjoyed eating, boats and video club. William was a happy chap in his club and liked his brother and cousins being around. So a fun week was had by all as you will see from the pictures.....
Sunsail Club Vounaki Greece - food and kids clubs all provided and lots if watersports and sun
Welcome to Greece Simon - you need to work on that tan!
eXhilarance moored up in Vounkaki marina (after the 2nd new gearbox!)
All the boys loved "Wackying" - Left to Right - Monty, Simon, William, Harry, Finn and Jack. Jack was "Captain Jack Sparrow" and Monty and and Harry shared the responsibility of boat boy
Monty and Finn  dropped off in clubs - Simon and Christine off for some relaxation.....
.....so its pair waterskiing for Simon and Christine
Jack on the waterfront - he was sailing Topaz dinghys on his own
Monty on skis with encouragement from the parents (he is only 6 and was the youngest waterskier of the week)
Susan back on skis and outside the wake
 Clive needs to work on getting the ski flatter...
Time for a drink before dinner (photo taken by Monty)
Drinks lasted a while....(we were treated to wonderful sunsets every night)
eXhilarance won the tallest mast competition by a comfortable margin!
Our eacape to real Greece - a Taverna in across the bay off the tourist track.
William was a happy chap at Sunsail
Christine went exploring on Kayaks
Owners work is never complete - polishing the hull ready for the week of Ionian island sailing