Memorable Capri

Mon 22 Jun 2009 17:47

40:32.70N 14:14.74E
On Saturday 13 June we headed off for Capri. (This was after on Friday evening Clive the engineer surpassed his previous skills and replaced the air conditioning unit in the main saloon - oh to have a cool boat)
The day was a bit overcast but still warm. The guide book was very vague about where to anchor in Capri and when we got there I realised why - the water is so deep (50+metres 100 meters offshore) anchoring is tricky. We eventually managed to find a space on the south side of island in 20 meters of water about 50 meters off a rock. There was light winds but a big swell running - strange I thought.
Anyway we deployed the toys and all the crew went swimming - Jack and Harry had lots of fun fliping and diving off the boat. Susan tried to go ashore but was told all the beaches were private and we saw a couple coming off a boat aith DJ and cocktail dresses - clearly a party of some form.
We went to bed with the swell ever increasing and the wind edging up. At about 1am Clive decided that sleeping in the cockpit was a good idea - if we did drag there was nowhere to go - we were on the rock. Then the fireworks for the wedding party started - very impressive but incredibly loud - reverberating off all the cliffs - amasing Harry and William slept through them.
But wind did not get up all night, the swell continued to be very bad  and lightning started- no one was sleeping. When light came the wind then got up very quickly and then Vicks said to me "what do you think about that cloud formation on the horizon" - the skies were black the wind was now 25 knots and it rained like a monsoon. The cloud formation was clearly a twister - very black, very focussed, whipping up the sea and heading our way. My first thoughts were " this was not on the f.... forecast" the very quick next thought was "we have to get out of here" - Vicks - we need to get the anchor up. and "any time now would be good". Vicks got the anchor up - with rain pounding the deck and 25 knots of wind i was shouting "is it up" as we were approaching the rock. - Yes was the reply, so we spun around and headed away from the storm. Susan who had been tending to the boys and reassuring them they could trust Daddy (!), then appeared with an offer of help and was told that children was her priority we were ok (!)  - She gave me a reassuing look which helped me to get through this with a smile (of sorts)
Anyway we headed away with twister formation (no one told me you got these in the Med!) and lightning behind us. We went the long way round Capri to run away. We had all these plans of Kayak trip to the famous Blue Grotto but we were leaving a rough, windy, stormy Capri behind after a sleepless night - Thanks!
We then headed of a port of refuge at Amalfi, one day early but all feeling relieved we were OK and we were heading to a quay mooring not a deep water anchorage.
After a brief snooze we had a glass of wine for lunch and toasted to a memorable Capri.
Our anchorage in Capri - sun, small swell and stunning rock scenery- we were very happy at this point
Jack flipping
Harry flipping
Jack diving
Harry bombing
William - looking cool
Capri scenery
Capri - stunning houses built high up on the cliffs
The morning after - Clive helming the boat away from Capri (in the background). Note the wet weather gear!
The real face reflecting the night at Capri ??!! Note we had to tow Wacky as no chance of getting aboard as the twister approached.
Vicks - trying to smile through wet weather gear and that fact that she was looking forward to visiting the island and the Blue Grotto. Oh well, this is sailing !