Puerto Banus

Wed 13 May 2009 20:10
36:29.21N 4:57.11W
We are in Puerto Banus - the St Tropez of Spain. Sorry for lack of blogs - needed a break. Now blog refreshed although back home tomorrow for 3 days for blog will continue from Sunday evening with a new crew aboard.
First some photos...
Leaving the Rock behind...
We have all the kit now for catching 50lbs Tuna - sadly no bites today
Just moored up Puerto Banus - that beer tasted good
What are Lol and Clive up to? (Boat song playing)
Looking along the quay towards the trendy bars (there is a stip round the port where everying sems to be driving a Ferrari, Lambo, Bentley, Porsche etc...
Looking north towards some stunning scenery
We had an interesting day today. Started very well - we left Gib at 10am with a forecast of 4-5 winds and thought we would get round the headland early.
We got two sea fishing rods out with lures and slowed down to 4 knots (just a small jib) and trawled for 3 hours. We changed lures, spoke to the rods, swore at the rods - but nothing! Is this the Lol effect - he has fished on every holiday for 10 years and never caught anything or was it too rough, wrong time of day - who knows. Better luck next time?
The wind steadily increased to F7 as we were coming into Banus and then as straight F8 as I was trying to moor against the visitors pontoon and fuel berth. This was an intersting challenge and after 2 attempts made it with no damage to the boat - I shouted at the crew a bit (I have to admit) but they did a good job and told me I did too - even the fuel berth man said in Spanish it was tricky and wind unexpected. We doubled up on lines as we watched 36knots of wind rip through.   
After falling over at the cost of mooring here (110 pounds an night!!) we looked at our original berth and found that the dock was 10 foot up from the water - impossible for us to get on or off the boat. So we negotiated with a rather reluctant berthing master who gave us a new berth. Only problem was this was a stern to mooring and there ws still 14 knots of wind on the deam and I have no bow thruster(broken) . So was reversing in and lost the bow, but Lol (hero of the day) was quick with the dock line, ran it up the bow and held it tight - we were then fine. After a two man effort heaving in on the line (Lol and Clive) and straightening up we cracked open some well deserved beers - another lovely evening in the Med - you would not have known it was blowing 36 knots 2 hours earlier.
We are going to pose in a few trendy bars for a hour and then come back for some food (Salmon and brocilli - now a heathly eating boat, apart from the beers!)
Tomorrow morning we are going back on ourselves to Estepona (11 miles) - they have moorings for 33 pounds a night - and eXhilarance says she does not like these flash and false marina - she wants to go back to better value, she is a good girl.
Need a shower now, rest of crew ready....