Cracking first day in Biscay

Mon 4 May 2009 19:14

47.25.12N 5.21.26W

We have had a cracking first day in Biscay - F4 winds at 110 degrees aparent as we headed on 200 degrees - slightly west of due south. The sun was out all day and we all had to don the sun cream. Vics mad us all smoked salmon sandwiches, Pip added some good old Pork Pie. With the hour change into French waters (we flew the French courtesy flag) we had lunch at 16.00 and washed it down with a bottle of Champagne to toast "Biscay".

Mulch got the aysmetric flying but Pip took the course record so far touching 10.5 knots. We have average over 8 knots since we started - eXhilarance is proving a fast passage boat. Apart from Mulch (who say part of the pleasure of long passages is staying dirty) we all had lovely hot showers today.

We will have two watch system again tonight:

Clive and Mulch - 10 - 1am

Pip, Lol and Vics - 1am - 4am

Clive and Mulch - 4am - 7am

So if you thinking we are having too much fun then think of us having to get up into the dark cold a couple of times in the night - although I am looking forward to Mulch doing his "Sky at Night" lecture to me again.

We are about 30nm f3-4 hours sailing) from the Atlantic trench where is goes from 50 metres to 2000 meters almost vertically - this is where we hope to see Whales, Dolphins etc. We are 230nm (26-30 hours) from the coast of Spain.

Good night to all - more updates tomorrow morning.


48:19.10N 5:15.16W

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We have decided to go for the Biscay run. Wind currently F3 - we have the spinnaker up doing about 7 knots - fantastic. Foecast is 4-5 across Biscay with a storm in south Fitzroy (Portugal area). So we are heading south and will go east into a northern Spain town or West to the Spanishheadland depending on winds.
Hoping to see some Dolphins or Whales or both later today.
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A lovely mornign of L.d'Ouessant. We had F4-5 at 60degrees through the night - reefed main and full jib and we were trucking along at 9+knots for most of the night. Bright moon till 3am and the amasing clear skies - Clive and Mulch had fun spooting all the constellations and spotted a shooting star.
The wind has dropped of now to F2-3. We are looking at the weather to decide if we go straight for Biscay now or drop into southern Brittany. After a long sleep (welet her of her second middle of the night watch) is now preparing breakfast for all the crew - we are hungry! (although Lol is still asleep and may miss breakfast?)