Great lunch in Portugal

Sat 9 May 2009 15:04
38:40.28N 9:24.17W
After a calm motor through the night we had to dip into Portugal for some essentials - Diesel, Water and Sardines!
We stopped off at Cascais and achieved all 3 in 4 hours. It was a nice Portugese town ( 30 mins from Lisbon) and the weather was good during our very enjoyable lunch. Lol and I stayed for a beer, Vics did some food shopping (mainly for fruit and vegetables - yes we are trying to move away from full fat milk and steak pies to skimmed milk, porridge, fruit and Brocolli), Pip and Mulch went for a walk.
When we got back to the boat it started raining - actually the first rain we have had the whole trip, but Mulch did remark it was more like Portsmouth than Portugal.
We are now on our way south to turn the corner (Cabo di Sao Vicente) to head for Gib or Port Mao on the Algarve if the weather and tides not right for Gib.
The log reads 919.3 nm so we are coming up to 3/4 of the way to Gib and competing this first and most challenging leg,