In Rome - Dads and Lads are here

Sat 30 May 2009 07:01
41:44.1N 12:14.6E
We have reached the end of the delivery leg  - 2301 nm in 25 days. It was harder than I thought - particularly the Med section (rougher seas and bigger winds) and also the lack of sleep. However, a huge sense of achievement in getting here and meeting all the interim deadlines. Many sailors never get to do such challenges so I feel very privilidged.
I really enjoyed spending time with great people over the last few weeks - lots of chance for catching up and "setting the world to rights" (everything from the Theory of Relativity to Global Warming and much more...)
Now the slower pace of life begins for 3 months - where we have very few deadlines other than we have to be in Greece at the end of July. Looking for lots of bays, swins, late starts and lazy lunches and exercise.
But first thing is a weekend with Jack and 3 of his friends and the fathers - "Dads and Lads" - we have done this for the last 3 years but now we are going international. Jack, Nathan, Lawrence and Marcus arrived yesterday with Nev, Roy and Ian.
We had a big night in the marina bars, boys watched half of Pirates of the Caribbean and Bruce and Duncan did the quick tour of Rome sights ("ruins in 4 hours").
We had 11 on the boat last night - various bodies deployed around the deck under the awnings.
All good.
The Lads
 Triumphal Arch
Collisseum (Bruce in the foreground)
Collisseum (artistically captured by Duncan)