Much better day, preparing for run on the Straights

Mon 11 May 2009 07:47
36:11.07N 5:55.96W
Mulchy up the mast (it high and wobbly when you are going along!)  yesterday afternoon - his photos looking down in us will come later
Evening drinks
Relaxing - it was a great afternoon
Sunset off Cadiz at 930pm
The afternoon cheered up to be lovely - we aired the bedding and did some sunbathing while sailing along gently in the afternoon breeze(this is what we came for). Fantastic early evening - beer and wine and singing to Beatles in the cockpit. Then we retired downstairs and watched the Bourne Supremecy in the eXhilarance cinema to pasta carbonara and brocilli cooked for us by Vics and washed down with a fine Barolo.
Great night - so different to previous - light sailing winds, clear skies and calm seas. Everyone much happier. Vics saw a Whale surface and blow behind the boat.
We have just moored up in Barbate (a fishing villiage on the south West corner of Spain) about 30 miles from Gibralta - we are staying here for 3 hours and then going for our run on the Straights of Gibralta. Looks like it is going to be a hot one.