Ventotene - another lovely island in the Ponrine group

Sun 14 Jun 2009 20:10
40:48.24N 13:26.01E
We left Ponza after some swimming , and set of to Ventotene.
When we arrived we anchored up in a bay with clear waters .Vicks , Daddy and Jack went to look at the anchor as the sea bed was occupied with rocks .You could see right down to to the bottom where there was large rocks and lots of sea weed. .As soon as we got out ,  these Italian Men arrived and offered us a place in thier marina (we had already asked on the phone and they had said no). Due to the fact that there were rocks on the sea bed we decieded to go to the marina (and the baterries were not charging so Dady had to check that out too)
At the marina we went for a walk around the lovely town of Ventotene.On our search we found a restaurant and decieded to reserve a table for six.Next to the restruant was a tunnel that led to a beach where we played for half an hour .We then went back ton the boat to get ready for our meal.When the waiter came to take our order ,Harry ordered muel for starters -and for his main couse! William found some boys and tried to speek with with them in italian:Saying "ciao" and "gracia".We all went to bed very late and the adults stayed up talking until 4 in the morning(they woke Jack up half way through-what is there to talk about for 6 hours?)
(Blog entry today written by Jack)
Susie and Clive on the deck in the sun
The island of Ventotene - absolutely no wind
Ventotene Town
William enjoying jumoing off the rocks
A fruit and veg van on the harbour side
Harry - Moule for starters and the  Moule with spagetti for main course
Family dinner