Biscay - Done!

Wed 6 May 2009 10:40
43:22.05N 8:23.14W
It is a great relief to have Biscay completed and all us to be safetly tucked up in La Coruna on the Northwest tip of Spain. Lovely weather here, crew tired and hungry - we will sort that today.
We had some big surfing waves last night - F5 on the port quarter, 2 reefs in the main and full jib. It was like driving a surf board. Lol got the top score at 12.5knots, Vics loved it and managed 12.4 (i had to ask her to come off the helm as she was already into our watch!). We had Dolphind following the boat for most of the night - almost like they were looking after us. This was all in a bright full moon light.
Then 20 miles from shore the moon went down, it was dark and cloudy and we caught the tail end of a gale in Fitzroy (NW Spain). We got hit with 30-35 knot winds - down to 3 reefs in the main, very smal jib and still reaching at 10 knots. We were all clipped on, Pip took charge, Mulch and I got the boat depowered and we got through without damage to crew or boat.
Some great memories of Biscay and real satisfaction having done it so quickly but for me personally dont want to do it again in the near future - need some more sedate coastal crusing to recharge the batteries.
Hope you are all enjoying the uypdates.