Lipari in the Aeolin Islands

Wed 1 Jul 2009 19:07
38:28.15N 14:57.05E
We sailed (motored actually only 4 knots of wind) through the night from Amalfi to Lipari in the Aeolian Islands. A first forn the family and the longest single passage of 140nms. Jack had gone to bed at about 11pm when suddenly we had a visit from our old friends we have non seen for a while - Dolphins. Harry and William were well asleep but Jack was not so I got him up to the bow to see 3 Dolphins playing in thier normal way - this time you could see them in the moonlight. Jack was very excited (as we always are). The next morning at 630am we had another visit so I rushed down to get Harry up but the time I got them on deck they just saw the fins disappearing behind the boat. Hopefully we can see then again soon.  
We arrived safetly (although Vicks and I were tired as up all night sailing and Susan was tired as did not really sleep, boys fine as all slept!) at about 11am. It is lovely here - again very clear water seems quiet. Apparently Abramovich and Gates visit here most years in their mega yachts.
We went for a Pizza overlooking the bay and a swim off the beach just next to the yacht. The next morning we got up early for a Ringo ride on the flat water. This is hard work in Daddy and Wacky but the boys love it.
A friend of Vicks owns a nice hotel here so we decided to have a night of the boat and some time by a pool . We arrived by boat (Wacky the tender) and tied her up for the duration at the rocks below the hotel and the came home on her again - what fun.
While at the hotel we made use of the pool and the older boys (Jack, Harry and Daddy) were doing 'flips', dives and jumps of the diving boards .
We had a drink and dinner in Lipari town (very pretty) and a nice meal. Then the joys of a large still bed...
Harry has now caught just about everything in his crab net, a large (horrible!) eel, lots of  fish, lots of things with shells we dont know what and some small crabs. At some point it will need clearing out !!
We are going out for a day with a local fisherman on his boat tomorrow to see beaches, visit grottos and hopefully catch some fish! We are then planning to visit (and climb) Stromboli on Saturday.
We maybe able to fit in a dive on Saturday..
We like it here
Pizza overlooking the bay at Lipari (eXhilarance is just out of sight on the left side of the picture)
The boys off the rocks at the bottom of the castle in Lipari (eXhilarance is one of the boats across the bay)
eXhilarance moored up at Lipari
The morning Ringo ride for Jack and Harry, Daddy driving Wacky (for once, usually Jack these days) in the foreground
The family and Vicks in the square in Lipari town
A drink in Lapari town
The boys
Our hotel Carasco (from the rocks and small boat dock below)
Wacky tied up at the small boat dock (picture tacken from the swimming pool terrace)
The hotel pool
Even Daddy had to partake in the 'flip' challnege. This was actually a picture captured from video - all worked out by Jack
Harry fliping (again Jack worked this out from video)
View across the bay. In the diatance is Stromboli
Harry crab net now full of things - not sure I want to clear it out!