A great boat, toy and beach day in Ponza

Sat 13 Jun 2009 08:01
40:55.48N 12:58.70E
It was the most fanastic weather day in Ponza - no wind, sunshine and we were anchored in a bay with waters so clear you could easily see down 10meters.
The day started with Vicks swimming to the bech and back (about 600m) which meant of course Clive had to do it too (not competitive). But it was fantastic.
After a bit of persuasion Jack agreed to go waterskiing - it was flat waters - he got up straight away and went round the bay 4 times - the style needs a bit of work which Jack is going to work on today but a great start.
We then took Wacky to Ponza (1.5 nms)  for some provisions (including mussels and incredibly fresh Tuna - the man cut some steaks from a new one that had arrived in the morning).
We then had various swim dips off the back of the boat and to the beach - William went off the boat but loved the beach - swimming and throwing stones. Jack did lots of acrobatics off the boat and even Harry got into snorkeling round the boat with Jack.
Then we broke out the SCUBA gear for a look under the boat and a refresh course for Vicks - only 8metres but got the basics going again.
In the evening we re-anchored in a bay nearer to Ponza town and then we all went into Ponza on Wacky. We managed to find a Crab net and had a drink overlooking the very picturesque harbour. Harry drove Wacky there and Jack drove Wacky back.
When we came back we put the crab net out (bacon and tuna for bait) and Jack went roaring round the bay in Wacky at top speed (about 30mph).
We then had the Tuna steaks cooked on the BBQ wih some Chianti.
While adults had thier dinner , Jack decieded to finish his swimming with a couple of jumps off the boat; in the dark!
Jack waterskiing behind Wacky
Family lunch - Moule - Jack and Harry very happy (note the colour of the water)
Susie and William swimming of the boat
William on the beach - "I love this beach and I could live here forever"
Jack jumping off the boat
Jack, Harry and Clive in the water
Clive and Vicks go SCUBA
Ponza town - taken by Jack on Jack's camera
Having a family drink in Ponza
The newly acquired crab net "Harrys Crab Net"