Over half way across Biscay - it's a big bay!

Tue 5 May 2009 13:46
45:25.77N 6:47.02W
After an amasing day yesterday the wind dropped off to nearly zero and we had to motor most of the night - although flat seas and clear skies made  this a lot of fun still.
This morning only Pip and Lol were awake and were treated to a visit from a pod of 7 Dolphins who played in the wake looking up at Pip and Lol for photos. The rest of us were sad to have missed this and we have been trying to spot more Dolphins all day - so far only wave crests and plastic bags! We remain hopeful.
Another amasing day - 20+ degrees, sunny, F3-4 on the beam, full main and asymetirc up and George (the autohelm) on. He is doing a good job as we drink beer, listen to great music and enjoy the sun in the cockpit. I am missing work !!!
The storm warnings in Rockall (northen east coast of Spain) has subsided so we are headed for La Coruna on the headland of Spain - ETA breakfast tomorrow morning.
Thats all - late lunch being served.
Worried that Vics thinks sailing is always this much fun - perhaps it can be?