A day out in Roma

Sun 31 May 2009 21:48
41:44.1N 12:14.6E
Not such a nice day today weather wise so we decided to take the boys into Rome for a Pizza and a 5 mile cultural walk round the city.
We went by bus and train from Porta di Roma all the way to Rome for 1 euro! We arrived at Statzione Piramide and had a traditional (?) Italian Pizza nearby. We then walked to the Colosseo (unfortunately there was the Italian equivalent of the Tour De France going on so the whole place was buzzing with bikes, cars, helicopters, people ..) 
However we were all very impressed with how this amasing structure could have been built 2000 years ago.
We then walked on past the Piazza Venezia to the Fontana Di Trevi.
We then (trying to avoid the crowds) walked across to the Tevere river and back to the Statzione Piramide for another 1 euro ride home.
We BBQ some steaks, said goodbye to the Dads and Lads and suddenly had a quiet boat. So we decided to get the eXhilarance cinema going and watch Gladiator - Jack enjoyed it and seeing the opening scenes in the Bourne Woods and the computer generated images of the Colosseo.
Where are the Lads going on their 1 euro travel card?
Dads Pizza
Lads Pizza
Colosseo - and an international bicycle race!
Fontana Di Trevi
The Lads at the fountain
The Lads on the banks of the Tevere river - they all did very well to walk the distances with no complaints