New Crew, on our way to Ibiza

Tue 19 May 2009 18:07
36:24.48N 4:22.75W
Graham and Tony enjoying a drink under the Bimini out if of teh still hot evening sun
Simon "Mr BBQ" sets up our fish dinner
Fish fpr dinner
It's G&T time
eXhilarance has some new crew - Simon (my brother) and two friends - Graham and Tony. Vics cam back so the first 2 weeks must have been ok - and she is excited about the new BBQ.
We all arrived at Puerto Banus yesterday from the airport but were delayed leaving for two reasons - British Airways lost Vic's bag and the bowthruster is still not working. I was promised they would send an engineer with a new control box this morning - but the part did not show and so nor did the engineer - I have been coaching X-yachts in customer service today! So we decided to leave at lunchtime as I am being promised it will be fixed in Majorca.
Last night (a hot day and evening) we sat on the boat and enjoyed the sun while trying to fix the bowthruster and Vics and Tony did a provisioning shop. Graham read Harry Potter. We then tried out the new BBQ - which was a great success - Simon is BBQ man and cooked some fish - which we all agreed was amasing especially when washed down with some great white wine(s)!
Graham got the evening going by mixing some triple G&Ts with ice he got from a bar (he said it was for his bad knee!) We then sampled a bit of the Banus night life again - but not as big an evening as last time.
The weather today is not "what we ordered" -  overcast with very squally wind conditions and even a spot of rain - Graham and Tony said this was not in the brochure!
We will do a through the night tonight with a 3 hour watch system - Simon and Graham, Me Tony and Vics. We hope to be at the east corner of Spain late tomorrow morning and then turn "left" up towards Ibiza.
I think a film is on the agenda tonight.....