On Biscay run 48:19.10N 5:15.16W

Mon 4 May 2009 12:03
We have decided to go for the Biscay run. Wind currently F3 - we have the spinnaker up doing about 7 knots - fantastic. Foecast is 4-5 across Biscay with a storm in south Fitzroy (Portugal area). So we are heading south and will go east into a northern Spain town or West to the Spanishheadland depending on winds.
Hoping to see some Dolphins or Whales or both later today.
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From: Buesnel
Sent: Monday, May 04, 2009 9:51 AM
Subject: 48:31.05N 5:10.78W

A lovely mornign of L.d'Ouessant. We had F4-5 at 60degrees through the night - reefed main and full jib and we were trucking along at 9+knots for most of the night. Bright moon till 3am and the amasing clear skies - Clive and Mulch had fun spooting all the constellations and spotted a shooting star.
The wind has dropped of now to F2-3. We are looking at the weather to decide if we go straight for Biscay now or drop into southern Brittany. After a long sleep (welet her of her second middle of the night watch) is now preparing breakfast for all the crew - we are hungry! (although Lol is still asleep and may miss breakfast?)