A livey pasage to Corsica - Sardinai in sight soon

Tue 26 May 2009 18:40
40:38.88N 7:01.60E
No photos today as having to send via satellite phone.
We have had a very lively sail today - 18-25knots (F6) on the beam and big rolling waves.
We have had the boat going around 9 knots on average with 2 reefs on the main and a full jib, pulled out to the rail on a barber hauler.
Crew have had smiles on thier faces (particularly big Bruce who has been tying to 'flip' the rudder to release the surface tension and get eXhilarance to surf down waves - once a racer always a racer!
All have been on the helm, waves the length of the boat (but warm), lots of sun and turtles floating by.
All good - but most looking forward to some terra firma!
Hopefully in network range tomorrow morning