Mallorca here we come (but slowly)

Fri 22 May 2009 23:15
39:30.73N 2:28.03E
Sailing to Majorca (good times, no photos of the high seas at night!)
Our Dolphin friends return - still conjure up lots of emotion and reaction on board - undestandably so - they are such playfull creatures
"what s feeling" - a bottle of Laurent Perrier and a Pouligny Montrachet to celebrate our "safe passage" from Banus to Mallorca  (a long way!)
Amazing how the geat sense of achievement (and there were some amazing moments) overides the sense of frustation, tiredness..... etc  - the mixed "en passage" feelings. It goes without saying we are all pleased and relieved to be here safely and are enjoying the shared experiences that go with this sort of thing.
For sure a highlight has been the food - we are all well fed and happy - thanks to Vicks.
At the time tough (wind on 'the nose' all the way round, perfect storm and bloody bowthrusters)  but ew all very glad we did it ( and very positive!).