Blog updates to come.2 hours outside Rome

Fri 29 May 2009 09:29
41:39.862N 1:54.37E
Dear blog followers,
We are 2 hours from the marina on the coast by Rome.
Apologies for no Blog entries for the last 2 days but I have had some comms issues with the technology on board. The wireless internet is playing up (as are most things on the boat!) and had prepared two blogs with lots of photos but cannot send these over the sat phone as too large!
When I get to Rome wil send historic entries.
We are all fine here - Tony departed in Corsica. Jack, 3 friends and 3 Dads are joing the boat in Rome for the weekend - so quick crew transfer and a quick spring clean and air after another long delivery trip.
Good news is we can tone the pace down and bit now - we will be into bay hopping, swimming, waterskiing and hopfully some diving - cant wait.
Regards from the coast of Rome.