On the Way to Corsica, in style

Mon 25 May 2009 18:50
39:17.42N 3:10.76E
Leaving a sunny Palma on route for Corsica
Everyone enjoying a great afternoon sail
Bruce teaching us how to sail (faster)
 Up with the Gary... (Gary Linaker - Spinnaker). 8.5 knots in 10 knots of wind at 80 degrees apparent
The Macdonalds (big boys! - too much weight on the bow??)
A lesson on the names of the different parts of the sail - a fine setting for a classroom
This is what it was all about "Brochure shot"
Boom is for posing too!
After the bowthruster got mended today (slow pace Spanish engineer) we headed off at 15.30 destination Corsica. There are some stong winds forecast so need to pay attention to the forecast but all going well we will arrive in Bonifacio on Wednesday afternoon.
We had a wonderful start to the trip with 10-12 knot winds, afternoon sun and calm seas. We put the Spinaker out and were trucking along at 8-9 knots.  We have now had to put the engine on as wind directly behind as we turned the corner of Majorca headed for the headland of Menorca.
We are all looking forward to a nice meal (Chicken in pesto and tomato sauce, new potatoes and a beetroot and sweetcorn salad - yum yum, well done Vicks),  before night watches start.