Taormina and Etna

Fri 10 Jul 2009 20:28
37:51.00N 15:18.04E
Taormina is a very attractive bay on the east coast of Sciliy. From here you can see Etna 3000 metres above with still some snow cover. We had a day in the bay swimming, snorkelling, Wacky riding (Jack is now good enough to go on his own and be the ferry man for others) and some diving. We also visited Etna - seeing the amasing effects of successive eruptions and all the lava. We took a 4x4 trip up to the lower slopes of Etna (to about 1600 meters), went in a volcanic cave and saw a village areas that had been destroyed in the 2002 eruption.
We went to the CapoTaormina hotel
We are now back at home for a few days (Clive till Monday and Susan for 2 weeks) and Vicks has stayed with the boat and will do some exploring and trecking in Sciliy. Pip and his family (Sarah, Amy and George) are joing us for 8 days on Monday evening to help sail the boat to Greece. Susan and the boys will then come out to Greece (Vounaki near Levkas) for a Sunsail holiday where we will be joined by Simon and Graham and families.
Meanwhile eXhilarance is hopefully safety on a mooring buoy in Taormina being looked after by Vicks and George (the "yacht hotel") manager.
Taormina bay with Etna in the background
"Captain JACK sparrow" now in charge of Wacky and a very able ferryman
eXhilarance in the bay if Taormina
William by the Discovery 4x4 that took us up the lower slopes of Etna
Jack, Harry and William on lave from the 1965 eruption
William and Susie on the rim of an old crater
The boys with their helmets on about to go and explore a lava cave
"Captain Jack Sparrow" in charge of Wacky with Susie, William and Harry as crew
Our last meal together as a family at the end of "phase 2". Phase 3 - the Greece family adventure begins on July 24th when Susan returns to meet Clive and the boat in Vounaki in the Ionian.