Whales off Spain

Thu 7 May 2009 21:10
42:46.49N 9:19.12W
We have just passed "Finisterre". For years I have heard this on the Radio 4 weather forecast and have not know where it is - I do now - it is NW corner of Spain and we have just passed it and turned onto 170 degrees. Not a great day weather wise today - colder and cloudy but wind has been ok (10-14 knots) mainly from behind.
We had a great meal of Chicken Fijitas cooked and served by Vics - good hangover food - we are all stil suffering a bit as the boat has been dry today.
I was just preparing for my 10pm - 1am watch (getting my waterproofs and lifejacket on in the front cabin) when I heard a communal wailing from the cockpit. When i got there everyone was very excited to have seen 3 pilot Whales swim gracefully alongside the boat (3 metres away) and swim off the stern in the opposite direction. I just caught the fins and tails as they surfaced again 30 metres away.
I have two watches tonight 10-1 and 4-7. Tiresd so will be hard to keep awake.
I will blog again in the morning. Goodnight to all - we will be thinking of you all getting uninterupted sleep in your steady, large beds, but no magical Whales swimming past.