Left Rome (eventually) arrived Netturno

Tue 9 Jun 2009 07:57
41:27.27N 12:39.74E
We were hauled up in Puerto Di Roma for 9 days in the end - the last few days with 35knot gusts blowing through the Marina - a Sircooco type wind that blows hurricance strength in Africa and then blows up the Med. With stern-to mooring in the we were swelling 1m back and forth so I had to buy some big surge springs which made things a bit more comfortable.
But on Sunday it was cheering up so we decided we had to get out. There was still quite a big swell coming out of the Marina and for the first hour it was uncomfortable - William was crying - not the family intro I wanted. However it cheered up and the sewll abated and William fell asleep and we were on our way. Four hours of motoring (oh yes and the wind was right on the nose, again!) and we reached a lovely peaceful marina at Notorrno. A big swell coming into a special new narrow swell control entrance but once inside dead calm. We nudged ourselves into a reserved mooring which was only 4 inches wider than the boat on either side!
William wrote an email to his class - dictating it as Jack wrote it on the computer and displayed it on the big screen - as you can see by the photo he was very excited.
It was a delighful evening - clear skies and hot early evening sun. We went for a wander in the old town - narrow cobbled streets - this is more the Italy we had been looking forward to.
We then had BBQ Dorados and grilled vegetables with some local Italian white - what a relief to be on our way again.
William sends an email to his Ash Class.
Marina at Nettorno
The narrow cobbled streets of Nettorno
Nettorno old town
Staircase in Nettorno old town
BBQ Dorado for dinner