A day getting the boat in order for the next phase

Mon 1 Jun 2009 21:11
41:44.1N 12:14.6E
A bad weather day in Italy (30 knotws of wind and driving rain) while Farnham was 29 degrees - what is going on??
We cleaned the boat and re-configured her for bay hopping as opposed to passage making and re-discovered the front cabin - " the crew apartment"
We cleaned, re-configured, cleaned .... and eventually went out for dinner
The portions were enormous  - to the extent we brought Jacks steak back in a foil wrap for tomorrow.
Now tucked up in bed - awaiting the arrival of Susan, Harry and William tomorrow.
The weather cheered up (for a while) so Clive took Jack for a spin in Wacky - Jack got the hang of it really well with forward, reverse and neutral and moored alongside several times. Dad just watched as son took over.