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Date Subject Position
Aug 2009
Tue 11 Aug 09:44 A week at the Sunsail club in Vounaki Greece 38:46.16N 20:52.62E
Sun 02 Aug 08:40 A great week in Greece with the Lucas Family
Jul 2009
Fri 17 Jul 21:03 Welcome to the Lucas family 39:04.74N 17:08.27E
Fri 10 Jul 20:28 Taormina and Etna 37:51.00N 15:18.04E
Mon 06 Jul 21:30 Through the Messina Straights to Taormina 37:51.00N 15:18.04E
Mon 06 Jul 21:00 Seeing an active Volcano - Stromboli 38:47.43N 15:13.04E
Mon 06 Jul 20:59 Relaxing in Lipari 38:28.15N 14:57.05E
Wed 01 Jul 19:07 Lipari in the Aeolin Islands 38:28.15N 14:57.05E
Jun 2009
Sun 28 Jun 17:37 A week in Amalfi 40:37.79N 14:36.05E
Sun 28 Jun 10:22 Birthday weekend 40:37.79N 14:36.05E
Mon 22 Jun 17:47 Memorable Capri 40:32.70N 14:14.74E
Mon 22 Jun 17:06 2 days exploring Pompei and local beaches 40:43.03N 14:28.32E
Thu 18 Jun 08:56 Some land exploring in the Bay of Naples and Amalfi coast 40:43.03N 14:28.32E
Sun 14 Jun 20:10 Ventotene - another lovely island in the Ponrine group 40:48.24N 13:26.01E
Sat 13 Jun 08:01 A great boat, toy and beach day in Ponza 40:55.48N 12:58.70E
Thu 11 Jun 19:36 Anchored in a bay off Ponza island 40:55.48N 12:58.70E
Wed 10 Jun 20:54 Still in Base Nautico Flavio Gioia (on the Gaeta Peninsula) - 2nd day enjoying ourselves 41:12.09N 13:34.90E
Wed 10 Jun 13:18 Still in Base Nautico Flavio Gioia (on the Gaeta Peninsula) - lovely place and weather 41:12.09N 13:34.90E
Tue 09 Jun 08:17 Arrived in Base Nautico Flavio Gioia (on the Gaeta Peninsula) 41:12.09N 13:34.90E
Tue 09 Jun 07:57 Left Rome (eventually) arrived Netturno 41:27.27N 12:39.74E
Fri 05 Jun 21:12 Still in Rome
Fri 05 Jun 12:32 A family day in Rome (2)
Fri 05 Jun 12:28 A family day in Rome (1) 41:44.10N 12:14.60E
Wed 03 Jun 19:32 A relaxing day swimming and potterring around the harbour 41:44.10N 12:14.60E
Tue 02 Jun 20:00 At last - the family are here, the next stage begins... 41:44.10N 12:14.60E
Mon 01 Jun 21:11 A day getting the boat in order for the next phase 41:44.10N 12:14.60E
May 2009
Sun 31 May 21:48 A day out in Roma 41:44.10N 12:14.60E
Sun 31 May 17:58 Dads and Lads day out on the water 41:44.10N 12:14.60E
Sat 30 May 07:01 In Rome - Dads and Lads are here 41:44.10N 12:14.60E
Sat 30 May 06:29 Fun stop over in Corsica, on our way to Rome 41:19.53N 9:23.56E
Fri 29 May 09:29 Blog updates to come.2 hours outside Rome 41:39.86N 8:54.37E
Tue 26 May 18:40 A livey pasage to Corsica - Sardinai in sight soon 40:38.88N 7:01.60E
Mon 25 May 18:50 On the Way to Corsica, in style 39:17.42N 3:10.76E
Sun 24 May 22:01 A relaxing day in Palma 39:30.73N 2:28.03E
Sat 23 May 18:56 In Palma. a more relaxed day and our first Med swin 39:30.73N 2:28.03E
Fri 22 May 23:15 Mallorca here we come (but slowly) 39:30.73N 2:28.03E
Thu 21 May 14:42 I am doing the sailing, crew all reaxing! 37:26.80N 1:06.54W
Thu 21 May 14:39 I am doing the sailing, crew all reaxing! 37:26.80N 1:06.54W
Thu 21 May 05:49 Yipee! We have rounded our horn! 36:45.39N 2:03.79W
Wed 20 May 21:41 The day we went backwards!! 36:48.89N 2:33.61W
Tue 19 May 18:07 New Crew, on our way to Ibiza 36:24.48N 4:22.75W
Thu 14 May 13:40 Relaxed Day after a big night
Wed 13 May 20:10 Puerto Banus 36:29.21N 4:57.11W
Mon 11 May 19:25 Gybing into Gib 35:75.00N 5:22.00W
Mon 11 May 07:47 Much better day, preparing for run on the Straights 36:11.07N 5:55.96W
Sun 10 May 14:06 Sleep catch-up day but onwards we must go 36:55.62N 7:57.72W
Sun 10 May 10:57 Our water friends
Sun 10 May 10:35 Photos, take 2! 36:56.61N 8:31.00W
Sun 10 May 10:29 Now with photos! 36:56.57N 8:32.30W
Sun 10 May 07:28 Misery night, but now heading east and on the last leg to the Med 36:59.18N 8:59.21W
Sat 09 May 21:12 Position correction (did not update in previous update - sorry!) 37:50.76N 9:16.71W
Sat 09 May 21:08 eXhilarating afternoon sail, motoring through the night again 38:40.28N 9:24.17W
Sat 09 May 15:04 Great lunch in Portugal 38:40.28N 9:24.17W
Fri 08 May 18:25 Mixed day - but still progress south 40:25.02N 8:58.03W
Fri 08 May 10:53 Dolphins all around, Portugal on port beam 41:08.81N 9:21.02W
Thu 07 May 21:10 Whales off Spain 42:46.49N 9:19.12W
Thu 07 May 15:35 Bit slow on board today 43:20.12N 8:57.66W
Thu 07 May 10:50 Preparing to head south
Wed 06 May 10:40 Biscay - Done! 43:22.05N 8:23.14W
Tue 05 May 19:36 One more night in Biscay 44:48.39N 7:19.51W
Tue 05 May 13:46 Over half way across Biscay - it's a big bay! 45:25.77N 6:47.02W
Mon 04 May 19:14 Cracking first day in Biscay 47:25.12N 5:21.26W
Mon 04 May 12:03 On Biscay run 48:19.10N 5:15.16W 48:19.10N 5:15.16W
Mon 04 May 09:51 48:31.05N 5:10.78W 48:31.05N 5:10.78W
Sun 03 May 18:42 49:56.81N 3:04.40W 49:56.81N 3:04.40W
Sun 03 May 12:53 50:22.94N 2:17.72W 50:22.94N 2:17.72W
Sun 03 May 11:16 50:31.02N 1:59.74W 50:31.02N 1:59.74W
Sun 03 May 09:12 50:41.8N 1:33.58W 50:41.80N 1:33.58W
Sun 03 May 09:04 50:42.89N 1:31.97W 50:42.89N 1:31.97W
Sun 03 May 08:47 50:44.47N 1:28.82W 50:44.47N 1:28.82W
Sun 03 May 08:35 (no subject)
Sun 03 May 08:08 50:45.45N 1:21.53W 50:45.45N 1:21.53W
Apr 2009
Tue 28 Apr 18:33 "50:51.04N 1:18.35W". 50:51.04N 1:18.35W