36 34.44N 028 00.639E Bozuk Buku (Aplotheka)

Sat 16 Apr 2011 20:07
We arrived at our next anchorage of Bozuk Buku. This was meant to be an
overnight stop between Marmaris and Kindos our next real stop but it turned
out to be a pretty neat place. Another Castle on the hill, lots of goats,
cows and a donkey or two all milling about on shore. Like sleeping in the
barn yard. Both Three Rivers (Ben and Eliza - from Kemer) and Persevere
(Bruce and Pat) are anchored in here as well.

We had a great stay in Marmaris and likely should have stayed another day to
take it all in. It will go on my go back to list. Marmaris has the mother
load of boat yards in Turkey... at least the biggest we have seen yet.
There are masts in the yard as far as you can see in several directions.
The place is a hive of activity this time of year. They were still
launching and pressure washing boats under the lights at 10:30 PM. Lots of
really big yachts similar to Palma. (300 ton travel lift) Prices were
reasonable about 24 Euro per night to birth our boat. Great restaurant. I
had the first really good beef steak since getting to Turkey.

Katie and I went into town yesterday... mini-bus 'domus' for 2.50 TL each
and had a great day. Chinese at the waterfront, picked up a Turkcell
internet dongle and chip, (we gave up on Vodaphone in Turkey) had second
lunch at Burger King, shopping at the Tansas where Katie bought a new pair
of Crocs knock offs, and then a hair cut for me- the best yet since I left
the US. We had a great pasta dinner (Pat's home made sauce!) aboard
Persevere that night back at the marina complete with chocolate chip cookies
for desert, chips complements of Mary's last care package to the Pipedream.

We tried to leave early picked up our laundry, bought fresh bread, boat
stuff and then got hung up for about an hour trying to pay our 1.25 TL
electric bill before they would give us a pass to get out of town. We also
waited in line 3 boats deep to get fuel and the marina next door. 600 TL -
literally a drop in the bucket. Ouch! Make sure you check out Katie's blog
site to see the pictures at http://katiesailing.blogspot.com .