Panama Canal Webcams

Graham Shaw
Sun 27 Mar 2011 12:21
After nearly two weeks, we are today (Sunday 27th March) beginning our journey to the Pacific Ocean.  Although only 40-odd miles in length, we will be transitting the Panama Canal over two days, mooring for the night on Lake Gatun.  If anyone has too much time on their hands, we might be able to be seen on some of the Canal webcams. The link for the webcams is below:
This particular page is the camera located at the Gatun Locks (the first set of locks coming from the Atlantic side), and is pointing east.  Across the top of the picture are tabs for opening the other cameras.  Today we will only be visible on the two Gatun cameras, and tomorrow (Monday) on the Miraflores Locks cameras.
Our current time for pilot boarding is 1530 local (2030GMT), which hopefully means we will be entering the Gatun locks around 1600 - this makes it around 9.30 / 10.00 pm UK time and obviously an hour later for anyone in France who might be interested. (A bit too late for a school night really).
Tomorrow (Monday) we are likely to be entering the Miraflores locks around 11am local (5pm UK time).
Happy viewing!