Charter Guests

Graham Shaw
Sat 16 Jan 2010 17:52
Long delay in blog, Gareth said he would write one, but in the mean time for all
our readers I thought I would fit in a quick update on what has been happening
in the last few weeks.

We sailed down from Antigua to Guadeloupe for an overnight stop, then on
to Les Saintes which was well worth a visit, more time needs to be spent in
both these places. We did an overnight sail down to Bequia for New Years eve,
Gareth getting old - struggled with his shift - ah office workers, cannot keep up
the pace. Gareth managed to catch a tuna, very nice on the BBQ. He also
managed to catch a number of baracudas - which are not ideal to eat, so they
went back in the sea, appart from the last one, which we thought we could do
a trade on a T shirt in the Cays, but even the boat boys were not interested
in them.

Then down to Mustique for a few days, then on to the Tobago Cays, fab time
here, I so love the turtles, infact I think I am turning into a turtle the
amount of time spent in the water. Took near on 100 under water photos of
the turtles, they are so used to swimming near them they do not run away
with the sight of humans in the territory. Such beautiful graceful

Then down to Union island (what an awful place) to clear out with Customs and on to Grenada.
We stopped at the underwater mausoleum at Grenada to see the statues, but could not find all of
them which was a shame, next time, when we have more time another stop
there. Arrived in Grenada, just before dark, managed to get caught up on an
anchor chain previously discarded in the water, Gareth had to jump in and untangle
us. Also some nice people came to help, as they did not see Gray steering
and thought there was only Gareth Lucas and I on the boat!

Obviously lots of eating and drinking was had, rum punches being the
special, apparently if you drink enough of them you do not get a hang

As always time flies when you are having fun, our next guests arrived as the
others departed. The only problem being the UK under snow. Gareth was
flying back from Antigua, so by the time he reached Antigua, the flight to
the UK with Virgin has been cancelled, and also the girls flight had been
delayed 24hrs in London. Philly and Jane managed to get out the next day
between snow, but the Virgin flight was delayed another 3 days. I'm sure a
letter will be written!!!

Gray is in his element with three women on board, so is Lucas too. Worried
my child is turning into a peeping tom, constantly looking though the hatches
on the girls' side. Is Lucas still young enough to get away with this at the moment?

Popped around to True Blue, then up to Carriacou for a over night stop,
before going to the Cays again. We were hoping to make up to Bequia again
but Jane only here for a week so a bit of a rush. At the Cays came across
some huge iguanas, unfortunately no camera, next time, as we will be back there
again in a few weeks. Lots of turtles again and a huge sunfish. Gray
caught a 5 foot Marlin, which then snapped the trace. Its a good thing as
no way could we land that size fish on the boat, pitty no picture though.
Good sail back big sea and lots of wind, flying along. Lots of rain too
which is our first in a long time.

More drinking and eating and yes rum punches do give you a big hang over -
which Philly has confirmed and sworn not to drink again, I think that only
lasted 8 hours before the happy hour for the day started again.

Jane's flight was delayed again as more snow at Gatwick, so another day in the
sun, which was lovely to have.

Off to Clarkes Court Bay and Phare Bleu tomorrow in the hope that we have a man
coming to look at the electrics.

Philly here until Wednesday, after big dry up session and diets before the
next charter guests arrive.