Oh the girls can drink!

Graham Shaw
Thu 26 Mar 2009 02:12
Well Mustique was a lovely, beautiful place. Went riding in the water with horses which was nice, lovely people who run the riding place. Loads of wild tortoises everywhere. Met Mick Jagger's dogs Guinness and Star - that's about as close as I am going to get to the rich and famous. Had a fab time diving - a must for diving folks. Very unspoilt, beautiful coral plus being really large stuff to see, but something that made me use a lot of air was seeing a shark and a baracuda and a turtle at very close range all within about 10 mins - what a sight. Brian was a super guide. So far the best diving yet. There were meant to be six off us diving but the 5 Americans pulled out as they thought it was too rough - which was great for me as I had my own personal guide.

As Gray said we left Mustique for St Vincent - the girls were not too well on this trip - a bit on the nose but not too bad, we had two nights in St Vincent and went to some nice restuarants and of course cocktails galore. Ellen was going to kill the noisy Americans that were attempting to whistle. Kept awake by some bad Karaoke, I was almost temped to go over and do a better job. We have been warned to be very careful here - so we did not spend much time here.

Then to St Lucia lovely trip sailing, we did not stop at the Pitons ( which I will not let gray forget) missed out on some good diving and rainforest - so on the way down next year we will stop there. We went to Rodney Bay which was okay - gray loved it. The ship from "Pirates of the Caribbean" was in port doing trips. Me and Ellen went riding - which I have to say was a big scam - they took you to a beach where you got off the horses and looked at things to buy???? Then we went bare back swimming with the horses in the water which was lovely - but I was very uneasy about the whole idea as the guide would not go in. Ellen was up for a canter but they were not very forthcoming with it - in the end we were allowed a little canter, we were on the horse for a hour but they wanted two hours money. I think they are used to people who can't ride - it was disappointing.

Sunday we arrived in Martinique, hey home from home - Champion, Leader Price, Carrefour and Super U supermarkets - lots of fresh fruit and veg, I got very excited. Lovely and peaceful. Went out for dinner the girls fancied a night club but the only one available on a sunday night was a swingers club???Have been diving twice so lots of practicing my bad French again. Nice diving lots of very old coral, some lovely shoal fish too. Off to Diamond Rock on Friday doing some cave diving which should be fun.

We managed to get Ellen and Elodie swimming from the boat, Elodie I had to bet 10 mins of non stop french - which must of been painful. It was a great goal especially for Elodie as she was very scared.

Last night for the girls had to be a big one- out in a lovely french resturant Le Zanzibar with even more cocktails, Gray and I returned to the boat to put lucas down as it was getting very late. I returned to join the girls again - who were looking a little worse for wear, anyway a few hours later I dragged them home, if there was a night club open they would have been there. They did have fun in a shopping trolley though -ah to be young again. Next morning was not so good Lucas' six thirty wake up call. We have had a fab time with them even though someone thought I was their mother - I think he is still in hospital for the beating I gave him for that comment. It was very sad to see them go - least my liver will have time to recover. Lucas was very upset as he wanted a ride in the taxi to the airport.

Yes if you ever need to know how many way to cook tuna just drop me a line - Ellen is veggie so tuna has been our main diet when not on shore eating large chunks of steak.

We are having the dinghy fixed as it is getting impossible, even though it is good for gray's daily workout of pumping it up at least three times a day. Also the bimini is being sewn up again. So we're here until Friday - very impressed with this island worth a visit. The place is quite lovely now all the striking has come to a end.

More soon,


P.S. from Graham: on arriving in St.Lucia, I realised what the nicest thing about Grenada and also St.Vincent and the Grenadines is......jetskis are illegal!

Like Lorraine, I also enjoyed Mustique - favourite place for a while. Where else round here can you go to a little shop in the morning and get your pain au chocolat and that day's Daily Telegraph? Where else in the world would you need a credit card to pay for it, though?!! I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the paper - it's the first one I have bought in about four months, and was full of nothing but doom and gloom (apart from the rugby results). The world is apparently going to hell in a handcart. Think I will leave it at least four months before buying another one!

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