Graham Shaw
Fri 20 Feb 2009 15:46
12:27.50N 61:29.12W

Hi there

Well all fun and games here. We did manage to get to see the six nations cup, in a bar with French tv and no sound, so we decided to go to a different bar - with sound. The England v Wales match. I think I do not need to mention who won, but just in case the English supporters have forgotten, WALES WON. Lots of beer and burgers - it was good fun watching rugby in the sun rather than in front of an open fire.

I finished my PADI course and managed to do a few more dives which were lovely, one being a wreck dive, which was amazing, but I did not manage to do the Titanic of the Carribean, as it's too deep for me but maybe on the way down next year I will be up to spec. Beautiful fish and reefs great fun (and some sharks!) - a must if you are in the Carribean.

Yesterday we left Grenada for Carriacou, slight delay as we decided to get a man out to quote for a new piece on our bimini, so when it rains (which is does occasionaly) and we are at anchor and obvoiusly pointing into the wind, we end up being very wet in the cockpit, just makes life a little more comfortable. Any way Mum's first big sail, we said it would be nice and easy only 7 hours of lovely sailing - Ah, not meant to be - big swell coming from the north, wind not quite in the right direction plus 10 knots more than predicted. After about two hours when we decided it had got to get better after we come around the end of Grenada, the block broke on the main halyard ( to people who do not know what this is - the main sail fell down) - not very helpful. I did offer to go up the mast but the swell was that bad it would have been dangerous. Also I don't think there was enough whisky on board for my dutch courage. So sadly we had to motor the rest of the way, which have to say was not the best introduction for mum, but she was fine, nobody fed the fish.

We arrived about 4 in the afternoon to Tyrrel Bay, dropped anchor which I went and checked by eye and saw the biggest fish I have ever come across it was a big as the anchor, will check out what it was once I can google it. Also Graham checked the anchor as well. I had to go up the mast to recover the broken block, this time right to the top (where's Gareth when you need him) Graham was quite relieved to winch me up as I am a few stones lighter than Gareth, that was fun specially as the wind was picking up so I had a good swing at the top (Yes I was very scared, I said I did not want to go up and Graham told me to shut up and get on with it) It's not too bad once you are into it the first 10ft are the worst.

Guess what, we dragged in the night so did a few other boats, the boat in front of us ended up next to us and we ended up about 50 feet from where we were - very lucky I think. We have anchored for 28 nights in different places and have never dragged, so now I am paranoid.

There is a big carnival in Carriacou this weekend so will be off to see that once we stop dragging.

Lucas has created his own swing on the boat see picture.


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