At sea again!

Graham Shaw
Sat 25 Apr 2009 00:08
21:06.6N 69:54.9W

Sorry folks, no photos this time - I have tried to attach a couple, but it won't send with them. Don't know why!

A brief blog this time, as we are back at sea again. One thing led to
another, and we went back to Virgin Gorda to visit the Yanmar agent after
Anegada, and then back to
Road Town. Lorraine dived on the wreck of the RMS Rhone on Tuesday, which
was apparently very good. So eventually we ended up leaving the BVI on
Wednesday morning, and are now at sea bound for the Turks and Caicos
Islands. Tortola to Grand Turk is about 430 miles, so we are reckoning on
it taking about 3 days. So far so good - the wind has been just about
right, and we've flown the cruising chute Wednesday and yesterday, and today
we've had the spinnaker up, and there's been plenty of dolphins around.
We've got it down again now it is getting towards evening, and will probably
put a reef in for the night, as it looks like there are some squalls about.
We should arrive at our waypoint off the north end of Grand Turk at first
light tomorrow, and be down to Cockburn Town in good daylight (hopefully in
time for lunch!)