Day 3: Same old, same old

Graham Shaw
Mon 12 Jan 2009 22:18
15:42.00N 30:26.00W

Just a quick note to update our position. All back into the watch system so things running smoothly onboard. Wind has been fairly consistent apart from a few rain clouds just before dusk which caused the wind to increase a little. Now sailing with a reef in the main and a few rolls on the jib.

Today has been hot, but not too hot (just in case you think we're complaining). Alas there has been too much wind (again, not complaining) to stop the boat and go for a swim. In fact, the forecast looks like we will have a fairly windy next few days so we will just have to make do with throwing the odd buck of cold (26 degrees) sea water over ourselves to cool down. This favourable wind means our boat speed is fairly high averaging about 8 knots which appears to be too fast to fish. The line has been out for 2 days and not a bite. The new trampoline (the netting between the twin bows of the boat) is rather more successful at catching fish than our line, there were three dried out flying fish on the net this morning which is pretty impressive as they have to clear the 2ft high 'Lucas' netting that surrounds the boat.

Graham's sextant made its debut this afternoon and we are glad that it still works. The sun was where it should be and the nautical almanac has all the right numbers in it. I'm sure there will be more about how to navigate by 'heavenly bodies' in some later blog.