On blogs.

Graham Shaw
Sat 18 Jul 2009 18:03
Not really a blog, this one - more of a question: How is our blog? We keep writing it, and get the occasional (sometimes favourable) comment. The thing is, we come across lots of like minded people all doing the same thing, most of whom have a blog. Reading other people's blogs, they seem to range in quality and quantity. Some are daily, some are less than monthly. Most are somewhere in between. Some are interseting, and some frightfully dull. Some have photos, some don't. Does anyone have any suggestions for content, length, frequency, etc? It became apparent on our recent trip home that there were some folk who weren't sure how to contact us. Apologies if we had not informed everyone, but we can be emailed, and we do check it most days. I was advised never to put the address on our blog, as it will apparently be picked up by spammers within a nanosecond, and we will be bombarded with junk. I hope you will be able to decipher it from this - catacaos "at" mailasail "dot" com . All suggestions gratefully received!

P.S. Currently on the Potomac River on our way up to Washington DC, where we'll stop for a few days to see the sights. Should be there tomorrow evening. Watch this space...