Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Thu 21 Apr 2011 08:38
We drove 25,160 km (15,630 miles) in 148 days, consuming 2,841 litres of diesel at a total fuel cost of £2,060. Average consumption was 25.0 mpg or 11.3 litres per 100 km. Fuel cost per litre averaged 0.73 pence/litre and fuel cost per 100 km was £8.91.
In 148 days we had 33 "days off" where we drove nowhere. So, average kms/driving day were 219 km. Only on 6 days did we drive more than 500 km and these were mainly transiting through Angola and on the long drive home from Namibia.
Of the 148 nights on the trip we spent 99 nights in the roof-top tent, 1 night sleeping in the car and 47 nights in various "hotels", B&B's, rooms and staying with friends and relatives.  Of the 99 nights spent camping, 13 were in "bush camps" and on the whole they were preferable to the camp sites we stayed in.
This was not a cheap trip.  Before leaving home we spent a total of £4,300, not including equipment of the vehicle. Main items were:
    Medical and inoculations                                                                £520
    Vehicle insurance                                                                              £760
    Medical/repatriation insurance                                                        £1512
    Carnet de Passage, bank guarantee and other documentation       £720
After leaving home we spent a total of £12,000 en route, as follows:
    Accommodation and meals                £4,400
    Food materials                                    £1,385
    Diesel                                                  £2,060
    Visas and other documentation          £1170
    Fares, ferries and road tolls                £638
    Personal                                               £700
    Miscellaneous, incl traffic fines          £480
For comparison, the cost of shipping the vehicle from UK to Durban would be about £1,000!